Welcome on a Provence loving Frenchman’s brand new blog (15.01.2010)

I was born in Normandy (France) 54 years ago but I have been living in Mazan, Ventoux, Vaucluse, Provence, France for twelve years and I love my new region. I have already two blogs in French with more than 1000 photos and many illustrated articles. You can see them here:   http://huberaime.spaces.live.com/    and there:   http://tabbychat.spaces.live.com/       Please write me there:  huberaime@hotmail.fr     or leave a comment on this blog. Three years ago, a French lady living in Texas, Marie-France, visited my first blog through a search on the Internet about Mazan and a few months later, we met in Mazan. The year after I spoke English with her husband. I realized then that albeit I almost managed, many gaps were to bridge. A few more months later, I bought a good dictionary for 1€ and several books in English in a jumble sale at Pernes, and I set to work when I could afford. I’m growing a little bit old and I learn more slowly than before, but I enjoy it anyhow. So I hope you’ll forgive my clumsiness and my chance breaches to grammar. Don’t hésitate to write me to correct a wrong turn of sentence or to share travel experiences. I would enjoy if you liked to do a hike or a photo-hunt with us. I like the clever and interesting comments on this blog, but please avoid the hollow sentences like “carry on this good work”. Please, I don’t want you to publish anywhere my photos and texts without my preliminary permission. All here is of course strictly original and personal. All my photographs are watermarked, and lightened in order to make easier up-and-downloading.  Let me begin to-day with the four seasons in Mazan, located close to Carpentras, at the foot of Mount Ventoux.

Mazan is a Nature-blessed village, with all the assets to spend there a pleasant life. The seasons are well characterized. The sunny climate is Mediterranean, with long, dry and hot summers. Winter can be mild, but a spell of cold may happen and snow is not very rare. Light and colors in spring and autumn are gorgeous. See you soon in Vaucluse, Provence!    Huberaime


About Huberaime

Enseignant, né en 1955, passionné de photo, nature, rando et patrimoine provençal. N'hésitez pas à m'écrire si vous voulez gratuitement des photos non filigranées, faire des sorties avec nous ou simplement échanger des impressions: huberaime@hotmail.fr
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