Snow in Avignon (10.01.2010)

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Snow falls generally in Provence at least once or twice a year but often doesn’t last enough time for the photographer to do a good job with it. But that time, cold held firmly and that sunny Sunday afternoon offered a good opportunity to “shoot” in Avignon, that won’t maybe come again before a long time, perhaps years.


On our way to the city centre, coming from Carpentras road, we stopped first for the view we enjoy from the Rhône’s bank. Here is one of our photos from that place. Then we drove past a modern sculpture that had been puzzling me since I had known it. Every time I saw it, I thought the sculptor was right firstly to use a stainless metal because raw iron and concrete generally get soon weathered and unsightly, and secondly not to invent the sphere. Indeed, the shapes ready-made provided by living-or-not Nature are often more aesthetically pleasing: NATURA ARTIS MAGISTRA. The unusual white setting and the quiet traffic were at last a good opportunity for a stop. I didn’t dare to wipe the untouched snow to discover the author’s name and the work’s title, and I stayed wondering about its meaning. At home in the evening, I searched on the Internet and came across Nathalie’s blog: HERE, to whom I owe the following details I find a little touching. The sculpture stands in front of the new Court of Justice, at the other side of the broad Boulevard Limbert. It’s a very stylized pair of scales and represents “the difficult balance of justice”. See how one of the two pyramids is collapsing. The sculptor, like a photographer, is able to stop the course of time and immortalize this fleeting second when the plank, still in poise, is under the impending threat of tumbling down. I’ll come back another time and try to find out the sculptor’s name, and I’ll take a picture of the work, looking southwards, my back against the city wall, as Nathalie did.

On the Popes’ Palace Square, sledges and even skis are on duty; it’s now or never!

A few rather unusual views in the low Rhône valley. It’s wise to cling at the railing.

On the Daladier bridge and the Barthelasse island’s embankment, with a hat and a good coat, the stroll is delightful. By the way, do you really believe in the “global warming”?        Huberaime

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