Roussillon’s ochres (Vaucluse) 31.01.2010

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For those who like a change of scenery in a many coloured village, Roussillon is along with Rustrel (HERE, in French) a “must come” in Vaucluse for its ochres . During the summer, those famous places are generally hot and crowded. Since we have the privilege to live in the region all year long, we could choose a fair winter day and enjoy at their best the landscapes that sweeps and sharpens our mighty wind, the Mistral.

The free and empty car parks on this sunny January Sunday leave us a king’s choice. Here are two sights of the village that offers the whole palette from red to yellow, through pink and orange.

A small hike southwards in the countryside allows us to discover this sheltered well, and then a good point of view.

On this country cabin, a very sober ad dating from the first half of the XXth century finishes to be weathered and wiped out. Paints were good enough in those times but sun and rain will say the last word. We come back towards the village and stop to admire this near perfect view. A bit of zooming makes our Mount Ventoux look closer.

After the hike, why not having a look at the very close “Julian Bridge” in this winter’s end of afternoon light? This Roman work, spanning the river Calavon (or Coulon), and built on the Via Domitia (see HERE, and THERE) in 3 BC, had been on duty during more than 2000 years, before its “retirement” in 2005, when a new bridge was built 100 metres upstream. Have a look at a previous post (THERE, in French). Huberaime

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