The Cliff of Lioux (Vaucluse) 20.02.2010

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Lioux’s cliff is one of the important and interesting geological features of Apt’s valley. This natural wall, facing North-West, is about 100 m high and 1 km long. It’s said to be the result of a tectonic fault, followed by subsidence, that occured 30 million years ago. Lioux is a tiny and charming village, very quiet and remote-looking, albeit close to the much more famous Roussillon  and Gordes.

We park close to the sailless former mill, west to the cliff and we hike close to the top edge, with fine views on the Mounts of Vaucluse, heading eastwards until we overlook Font Jouvale hamlet.

A path leads us down to La Verrière, a pretty farm and guest house.

Hiking now westwards, we stop and have picnic at Verger spring. The wash house, opening southwards, is a perfect shelter against the powerful Mistral. Then we rest lazily a moment in the sun, listening to a bird’s twitter, to the soothing fountain’s babble and to the rustle of the dried autumn leaves remaining on the wind-swayed oaks’ branches.

These two cute donkeys would have liked a piece of bread but infortunately we came across them after our lunch and nothing to eat remained. We crossed La Combe  and Le Château  hamlets, with fine views of the cliff.

The mansion is being restored by its current owner, a famous fashion designer. Very close stands this wash house, fitted out with a fire-place, which is convenient to get hot water for the linen and for a winter beverage, and even to chat around, eating brochettes. Those times are gone but the fountain is still ready to staunch a summer hiker’s or biker’s great thirst.


Our short hike is almost completed and we walk up the path to the former wind mill.                              Huberaime

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