Outing in Haute Provence (late May 2010)

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I suggest to you to-day to discover with us a few pretty nooks in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence département.

Our first stop is at Céreste, a small village lying in the Encrème valley, near the confluence of this stream with the Calavon river, half way between Apt and Manosque. In its countryside, Embarbe tower, a medieval building, is standing at the foot of Great Luberon north side. This stone bridge dates back ‘only’ to the 18th century.

Still on Cereste territory and hidden in its countryside, Carluc Priory keeps interesting Romanesque remains, including this chapel and an old necropolis cut in the rock.

Montfuron owns a restored windmill from where the view stretches on several Provençal massifs, especially the nearby Lure mountain.

Toutes Aures (all winds) Mount offers a great view of Manosque (the biggest town of the area), the Mont d’Or hill (Golden Mount) with its tower, and the Alps summits where snow is lingering. The city is Jean Giono’s homeland. This French writer’s books celebrate the character and the scents of this high Provençal land. The best moment to take pictures from this spot is the late afternoon.

Here is Toutes Aures chapel, consecrated to St.Pancrace. Another time, we’ll visit the city and Mont d’Or hill from where the view is said to be worth the climbing. This flock of alpacas greets us, in St.Julien-d’Asse countryside.              Huberaime

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