Medieval Festival in Orange (Vaucluse) 05.06.2010

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Nicknamed Princes’ city, Orange can be proud of its glorious past. The medieval festival was a good opportunity for us to go there for a stroll and a bit of ‘shooting’.

Orange owns two outstanding Roman monuments, the ‘Triumphal’ arch, and the Theatre. The photo of the latter (above) is from a previous outing. Orange is often swept by a cool northern wind, the mistral. However, it’s the warmest town in continental France, on average, after Wikipedia. The climate doesn’t allow the region to grow orange trees, though, and the city’s name comes from Arausio, the town’s Roman designation. Let’s mention that the city has given its name to several localities in the world, and that some flags owe their orange colour to the city, indirectly. About the town’s history, see on WIKIPEDIA.

Here is a strange stall in front of the Roman theatre. On the next photo, you can see a hand millstone. Using this kind of device was often forbidden in the Middle Ages when corn had to be ground in the lord’s mill, with a tax to pay, of course.

Now, less prattling, and more pictures.

On the last photo, you can see the city’s coat of arms carved on the town hall façade. These are ‘talking arms’, that is to say the orange tree is for Orange, and the horn (cornet in French) is for Guillaume d’Orange ‘Short Nose’ (Court-Nez), a legendary character. In the same way, Lyon city has a lion on its blazon, and Tours has towers. Orange’s motto, adopted and kept till nowadays by the Kingdom of the Netherlands is ‘Je maintiendrai’, that means ‘I shall preserve’. Thanks to the Orange’s inhabitants for that pleasant day.         Huberaime

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