The Castles of Drôme département (19.09.2010)

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Every year in mid-September, the two ‘Patrimony Days’ are a good opportunity for sightseeing, for lots of monuments and museums are then open and free of charge. On this sunny Sunday morning, we drive northwards across Vaucluse and Drôme départements.

Our first stop is at Rochemaure, in Ardèche département (‘county’). On their black volcanic peak called a dyke, the ruins of a medieval castle overlook the river Rhône right bank. 

Just opposite Rochemaure across the Rhône, Montélimar city preserves its Adhémars’ castle. The only fancy the keep of this stronghold displays is in the arched windows row on its western façade.

Inside the castle, the photographer, playing with the reflections, is allowed to appropriate the works of this exhibition of sculptures.


Here is Bayonne, a hamlet situated on Grignan’s territory, and then Grignan itself seen from the west. We visit the castle, or ‘château’ (photo with the chandelier seen in the mirror) but lots of people and restoration work make the moment not very suitable for good snapshots.

In La Garde-Adhémar countryside, the Val des Nymphes old chapel offers the coolness of its green scenery, still welcome in this season.

But autumn is on its way, remind us these wild cyclamens. Here is now Suze-la-Rousse castle, which shelters a ‘wine university’. We visit it as well, and the Patrimony Days have here also a great success.

On our way back, the end of afternoon fine light invites us to a stop for a look and a few pics. The wide angle view and then the zooming show you Cairanne village (Vaucluse) seen from the west, in front of Mount Ventoux, Mount St.Amand and the ‘Dentelles de Montmirail’.            Huberaime

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1 Response to The Castles of Drôme département (19.09.2010)

  1. Barbier says:

    Bonsoir. Ce sont de beaux châteaux que nous avons adoré faire, lors de notre séjour dans les Baronnies. Perchés sur des pitons rocheux, ils ont tous leur charme. Il y a de quoi faire dans cette région, de la Drôme, de quoi y passer un weekend ou même un séjour plus prolongé. Merci de me replonger dans ces bons souvenirs ! A bientôt. Martine.

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