Brantes (Vaucluse) and the Toulourenc Valley 03.10.2010

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From Comtat Venaissin, driving northwards on this early autumn Sunday morning, we skirt round the Mount Ventoux. Beyond it, the rather wild Toulourenc valley stretches, overlooked by the Giant of Provence’s mighty and steep north side.

Brantes clings to the north slope of the valley. This village looks eastwards, so morning is the best moment for photo shooting there.

A gap in the straggling clouds allows the patient photographer to behold the top of the tower at Mount Ventoux summit. 


 Craftsmen -or women- help to preserve life in this rather remote village. Here is an earthenware workshop.

On St.Léger-du-Ventoux territory, this narrow bridge enables only the small cars to cross the Toulourenc river. Beautiful hikes in the stream bed, on its banks and on the valley slopes attract lots of nature and fun lovers in summer. See HERE.

On our way back, we cross Beaumont-du-Ventoux valley. In September and October, it’s a land of plenty and we like to go there once a year to gather windfall and some wild fruit: figs, grapes, plums, pears, walnuts and sometimes peaches. The country is punctuated with chapels. This one, tiny but venerable, is consecrated to St.Roch, who protected from the plague (see THERE).             Huberaime

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1 Response to Brantes (Vaucluse) and the Toulourenc Valley 03.10.2010

  1. Barbier says:

    Bonsoir. Brantes est vraiment un joli petit village que nous connaissons bien pour y être passés, lorsque nous sommes allés dans les Baronnies. Telle une sentinelle, il est comme suspendu au dessus de la vallée du Toulourenc. Ruelles étroites, passages voûtés et vieilles maisons de pierre, couronnent un château, nous offrant un panorama sublime sur le Ventoux. Merci pour ces belles photos. A bientôt. Martine.

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