Autumn Colours (Early Nov.2010)

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The purpose of to-day’s article is to show you the gorgeous colours our region displays in autumn. On this sunny day, we drive to Mount Ventoux north-western side.

Our first stop is at Caromb, seen here from the south with a bit of zooming. You can also behold Le Barroux castle in the background, on the left.

Le Barroux countryside is beautiful with its varied and harmonious landscapes.

La Madeleine monastery is recent but was built in a very sober Provençal Romanesque style to defy the centuries.


A few km northwards, near Vaison, Crestet village east side overlooks the green Groseau valley that November sets alight. See also HERE.

On Entrechaux territory, this old bridge spans the river Ouvèze. The wide and high single arch enables this structure to resist the occasional savage wrath of the river. On the next photo, here is Faucon village seen from the south.

Here is another view of Faucon in the afternoon light…

… and nearly the same with zooming.

In Puyméras countryside, St.George chapel is a humble but venerable sanctuary.

Here is now Puyméras village, comfortably settled in the sun. I’ll never get bored with Mount Ventoux and after all those years I’m still fascinated by its north-west side.

Before going home, we make a small detour eastwards to show you this view of Pierrelongue, in Drôme département. Click THERE to see an article about Mount Ventoux in autumn. I bet you our emblematic mountain will be again a next post’s star turn before a long time.            Huberaime

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