Swan Song (11.11.2010)

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Autumn colours are at their best in Provence just now. Vines and fruit trees will soon be bare so it’s the right time to gather autumn pictures before the arrival of winter.


Here is Notre-Dame-de-la-Brune chapel, in Mazan countryside. You can notice that the sparse remaining leaves allow us to see the small church but are sufficient to hide the unsightly electric poles and wires.

Here you can see Mazan village lying in front of the Dentelles de Montmirail.

Mount Ventoux is still wearing its autumn gown. The fleeting thin snow coat is Provence’s present to its loving photographer.

Two km southwards, on Pernes road, have a look at the nature-blessed village stretching in its beautiful landscape.

Near Blauvac, the church of which you can behold, this dry stone hut or ‘borie’ enabled the peasants to take cover and store their tools, thus valorizing the useless stones of their fields. 

Here is one of my favourite views in our area. Which is the star turn, Mount Ventoux or Blauvac village? Click HERE to see the same picture in spring.

From the same spot, zooming makes it possible to detail Méthamis’s features.

Like Mazan, Malemort lies on a little mound, in the same small plain, but closer to the Mounts of Vaucluse.

Here is again our village, in the afternoon light.            Huberaime

About Huberaime

Enseignant, né en 1955, passionné de photo, nature, rando et patrimoine provençal. N'hésitez pas à m'écrire si vous voulez gratuitement des photos non filigranées, faire des sorties avec nous ou simplement échanger des impressions: huberaime@hotmail.fr
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2 Responses to Swan Song (11.11.2010)

  1. Tatiana says:

    You’ve managed to show your village and scenery around in its beauty., thanks a lot, Hubert

  2. Thank you Tatiana, for your kind encouragements. Also go on reading MY GREAT TRIP, ETHIOPIA 1976-78, when you have the time. Best regards. Hubert

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