Christmas 2010 in Carpentras

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Carpentras, Comtat Venaissin capital city, with its about 30,000 inhabitants is a medium-sized town with a long past, as witness its rich architectural patrimony and museums. To-day’s post subject is to show you the liveliness and some of the illuminations the city is displaying this year for Christmas.

caj4a-Carpentras Chapelle du Collège 18.12.08a

In the 17th century Chapelle du Collège, an exhibition of ornamental figures for a Christmas crib can be admired every year. This first photo dates from 2008.

dt-Carpentras(84) Hôtel-Dieu 11.12.10a

dw-Carpentras(84) Hôtel-Dieu 11.12.10a

The Hôtel-Dieu is a former hospital built in the 18th century.

ga-Carpentras(84) Illuminations 24.12.10a

ds-Carpentras(84) Office Tourisme 11.12.10a

The former theatre has become the tourist information office and a ‘house of the area’. In front of it, behind the ‘penguins’, a small rink welcomes the little and the big.

dh-Carpentras(84) Illuminations 11.12.10a

dk-Carpentras(84) Illuminations 11.12.10a

df-Carpentras(84) Illuminations 11.12.10a

These decorations don’t need a caption.

gb-Carpentras(84) 'Nuit de Lumière' Pl.d'Inguimbert 24.12.10a

On Christmas Eve, at dusk, the ‘Night of Light’ show, mixing dances and fireworks, takes place beside St.Siffrein Cathedral.

gj-Carpentras(84) 'Nuit de Lumière' Pl.d'Inguimbert 24.12.10a

gl-Carpentras(84) 'Nuit de Lumière' Pl.d'Inguimbert 24.12.10a

It was worth standing up to the freezing wind.

gr-Carpentras(84) 'Nuit de Lumière' Pl.d'Inguimbert 24.12.10a

At the end of the show, a snow storm broke out. But the cause of the unexpected phenomenon, the ‘gun’ throwing up these scraps of paper, is visible on the left. This tiny nook in Provence will eventually have had its white Christmas!      Huberaime

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5 Responses to Christmas 2010 in Carpentras

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  2. Ma préférée est la première photo, celle d’Elefandret sur fond de façade ensoleillée. Le soleil de profil lui va bien, qui met en valeur sa silhouette ainsi que le relief de sa peau plissée.

    J’aime beaucoup aussi la première photo des illuminations sur la place de l’horloge, le ciel pas encore noir magnifie les petites lumières qui font comme des étoiles.

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