New Year 2011 in Avignon

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This blog is celebrating to-day the New Year with a few photos of Avignon city centre.

b-Avignon Palais des Papes 01.01.11a

e-Avignon 'Gran elefant dret' M.Barcelo dev.Palais des Papes 01.01.11a

This sculpture named ‘Gran elefant dret’, by Miquel Barcelo, has been standing for several months here, in the Popes’ palace square. I thought it would have left us last autumn to go and spend a new summer to some southern hemisphere town, but it’s still with us to celebrate the new year. Good for us, for I like it! The little girl gives the scale.

f-Avignon Théâtre 01.01.11a

The city’s heart beats here, in the Place de l’Horloge (Clock Square). An old-fashioned merry-go-round brightens up the atmosphere in front of the theatre. You can see that after New Year’s Eve night and a good morning’s rest, lots of people enjoy a stroll in this mild afternoon end.

k-Avignon Hôtel de Ville 01.01.11a

At dusk, the city hall is enhanced by its Christmas illuminations.

n-Avignon Hôtel de Ville 01.01.11a

Nearly the same view with a bit of zooming. The sign that reads Release the hostages is to support two French reporters who have been detained in Afghanistan for one year.

u-Avignon Place de l'Horloge 01.01.11a

Night has fallen on the Place de l’Horloge and its Christmas market.

v-Avignon 'Gran elefant dret' M.Barcelo dev.Petit Palais 01.01.11a

Here is the Gran elefant dret again, in front of the Petit Palais, which shelters now a museum of paintings.

w-Avignon Confiserie Rue des Marchands 01.01.11a

Aren’t you tempted by the nicely displayed sweets of this confectioner’s in the Rue des Marchands (Shopkeepers Street)? Happy New Year to everybody.         Huberaime

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4 Responses to New Year 2011 in Avignon

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  2. J’aime bien votre photos et l’ambiance de provence. I saw the Barcelo elephant last summer. Great memories,

  3. Huberaime says:

    Thank you Denise for your visit and your comment.
    See you also here soon:

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