Butterfly Effect (15 Jan.2011)

Or Glowing Embers, or October Gust, or Mighty Warm Wind Blowing on my Life 
If you have enjoyed this short article, you can visit my two first blogs:  http://huberaime.wordpress.com/     and      http://tabbychat.wordpress.com/      If you don’t read French, have a look anyway at some photos among more than 1000. Look also at the Archives, on top of the page. If you recognize yourself on my photos and wish to receive free watermarkless pics, or if you want to do an outing or a hike with us, or merely to share impressions or feelings, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Please write me there, in English or in French:         huberaime@hotmail.fr

Once is not custom and won’t hurt, I’m going to be more personal to-day. But you’ll have two photos of Provence eventually. You know the ‘butterfly effect’: Scientists teach us that a very tiny unpredictable event like a butterfly’s decision to go left or right changes some very sensitive initial conditions in the atmosphere and the consequences may be the occurrence, or not, of a cyclone somewhere, weeks or months later. About three years ago, I had a small conversation with an American paying us a short visit (see HERE). Nothing extraordinary, but I think he blew unintentionally very slightly on a layer of ashes, letting appear later glowing embers whose existence I didn’t suspect. One year ago, I discovered Nathalie’s blog (see THERE, and also my previous post), it has stirred something too. And now, a powerful warm wind is blowing on my life. Just put some dry wood and look.

Méthamis(84) Vue dep.la route de Sault 15.01.09b 

més-Méthamis(84) Vue dep.le Sud 15.01.09a

But let’s come back straight to our photos of Provence. Here is Méthamis village seen from the south, exactly two years ago. Taking photos of each of our villages in front of Mount Ventoux in optimal conditions is one of my favourite fads. Sunny and mild weather has come back on Provence, but winter isn’t finished yet. One of our next photo outings should be to Rémuzat and its vultures.      Huberaime

About Huberaime

Enseignant, né en 1955, passionné de photo, nature, rando et patrimoine provençal. N'hésitez pas à m'écrire si vous voulez gratuitement des photos non filigranées, faire des sorties avec nous ou simplement échanger des impressions: huberaime@hotmail.fr
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