Around Bagnols-sur-Cèze (Gard) 05.Feb.2011

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For 14 years that I’ve been living here, and after so many hikes and strolls, I’m still a long way from knowing every place of interest in our amazingly varied region. Bagnols-s.Cèze area, for example, deserves a detailed visit for its sights some of which we are going to discover Pont St.Bénézet 05.02.11a 

Going through Avignon, I can’t resist the temptation of a short stop to take a photo of St.Bénézet bridge, for the light is optimal.

al-Laudun(30) 'Camp de César' 05.02.11a

‘Camp de César’ at Laudun is an antique settlement used from Gallic times to the Middle Ages.

as-Laudun(30) 'Camp de César' Vue 05.02.11a

From the cliff edge stretches an interesting view onto the Rhône valley. You can see Orsan village, then Marcoule nuclear plant, and Mount Ventoux on the right. Much farther, the snow-capped southern Alps can be discerned.

ap-Laudun(30) 'Camp de César' Prieuré 05.02.11a

A few minutes’ walk northwards leads us to the ruins of St.Jean-de-Todon priory.

at-Sabran(30) Vue 05.02.11a

Sabran is an old village overlooking its peaceful countryside.

bl-La Roque-s.Cèze(30) Cascades du Sautadet 05.02.11a 

The ‘Cascades du Sautadet’ at La Roque-sur-Cèze are to-day’s outing star turn . Here is a general view, with the village and its old bridge. We will come again soon to visit the village in the morning.

aw-La Roque-s.Cèze(30) Cascades du Sautadet 05.02.11

ba-La Roque-s.Cèze(30) Cascades du Sautadet 05.02.11a

bc-La Roque-s.Cèze(30) Cascades du Sautadet 05.02.11a

bd-La Roque-s.Cèze(30) Cascades du Sautadet 05.02.11a

bj-La Roque-s.Cèze(30) Cascades du Sautadet 05.02.11a

bg-La Roque-s.Cèze(30) Cascades du Sautadet 05.02.11a

It’s possible to have a swim in summer in some places in the river around here, but I think winter is more suitable for photos. Along the millennia, stones trapped in whirlpools stubbornly dug out a lot of small and big potholes.

bt-St.Paulet-de-Caisson(30) Chartreuse de Valbonne 05.02.11a

The former Valbonne charterhouse, on St.Paulet-de-Caisson territory, is very photogenic seen from the south-west with its slender towers enhanced by their steep-sloped well-decorated roofs.

bu-St.Paulet-de-Caisson(30) Chartreuse de Valbonne 05.02.11a

The winged warrior must be archangel St.Michael, protecting the premises from the devil seeking to interfere everywhere, even in a monastery (click to enlarge).         Huberaime

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2 Responses to Around Bagnols-sur-Cèze (Gard) 05.Feb.2011

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  2. Barbier says:

    Je reconnais bien tous les coins que nous venons de faire récemment, comme la magnifique Abbaye de Valbonne, les impressionnantes cascades du Sautadet qui n’ont pas fini de nous étonner et bien sûr l’étonnant “Camp de César” à Laudun l’Ardoise, avec sa vue splendide. De beaux endroits, dans le Gard, qui restent gravés dans notre mémoire. Merci de nous faire revivre ces bons moments.

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