Ski on Mount Ventoux! (18.02.2011)

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Besides the two skilifts at Chalet Reynard, on Mount Ventoux south slopes, the north side of our mountain owns a modest but complete winter ski resort, Mont-Serein, at an altitude of about 1400 m above sea level, on Beaumont-du-Ventoux territory.

b-Ventoux Mont-Serein 18.01.08a

ak-Ventoux Mont-Serein 05.02.08b

This is not Courchevel, though, but you’ll find here everything you need to enjoy yourself in a simple way with your family. However, the irregular snowfall can be a problem. Inner Provence has often dry winters, snow can be rare and melt when a spell of mild weather occurs.

d-Ventoux Mt.Serein Boucle Fabre Vue 18.02.11a 

I love Mont-Serein all over the year and Mount Ventoux is a wonderful ‘playground’ in each season.c-Ventoux Mt.Serein Vue s.Mgne.d'Angèle 18.02.11a

After two very snowy winters in our mountains, the white stuff is scarce this year. The top of the tabular Angèle mountain just reaches the right height to keep its coat.

at-Ventoux Mont-Serein Poney 05.02.08a

p-Ventoux Mt.Serein Abri du Contrat 18.02.11a

To-day, we walk the Fabre trip, about 5 km long. It’s also possible to go skiing on it. The stroll is delightful from spring to winter. Here is the Contrat shelter. A few photos in this article date from a 2008 outing. Place your mouse arrow on a pic to read the date when it was taken, and click to enlarge.

u-Ventoux Mt.Serein Belv.Contrat Vue s.Lure 18.02.11a

v-Ventoux Mt.Serein Belv.Contrat Vue s.Lure 18.02.11a

Along the path, very fine views stretch northwards onto the Baronnies massif and the southern Alps. You can see here Lure mountain, with strong zooming on the second photo.

ah-Ventoux Mont-Serein Anc.Chap.oecuménique 05.02.08a

In 1965 was built here an oecumenical chapel. Following financial problems a few years later, the building was sold and shelters now a holiday centre, whose sign you can sight on the left. The new owners have safeguarded the former chapel original outside appearance.

o-Ventoux Mt.Serein Upright-set reflection 18.02.11a

This photo taken by Sylvie was slightly ‘shopped’ to enhance it but no photomontage nor touching up were done. It looks strange. Place your mouse arrow on the pic to understand how it was achieved.        Huberaime

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9 Responses to Ski on Mount Ventoux! (18.02.2011)

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  2. Pierre Wattebled says:

    I looked with pleasure all wiews about the Mont Ventoux? All that is great. In fact, I know this marvellos country but I am always amazing by…I am going to send on my english friend living in Normandie and others by emails. You have made up a real artistic work and send to you the mots congratulations.
    Friendly from Pierre.

  3. Huberaime says:

    Thank you, Pierre, for your encouragements. Yes, send the link to all your contacts. It could boost my visibility. By the way, do you still keep your blog of poetry? Did you manage to move it to WordPress?
    Looking forward to hearing from you Hubert

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  5. Olga says:

    Nice photos, beautiful views!
    Thanks, Hubert and Sylvie!

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  9. Barbier says:

    Bonsoir. Votre article me rappelle notre balade que nous avons faite l’hiver 2014, au chalet Reynard, petite station familiale, mais qui vaut largement certaines stations dans les Alpes. Ici tout est calme et volupté, on respire l’air frais tout en pouvant admirer le paysage grandiose qui s’offre à nos yeux. C’est vraiment un chance d’avoir de tels paysages tout proche de chez nous ! Merci pour ces belles photos. A bientôt dans la suite de votre blog. Martine.

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