Mérindol and Les Taillades (Vaucluse) 10 March 2011

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Vieux Mérindol village, one of the important strongholds of the ‘Waldensian heresy’ (see HERE) was completely burnt down in 1545, along with a few other localities in Luberon, by Francis I of France’s troops.

c-Vieux Mérindol(84) Vue 10.03.11a

Set high up on their hill, the ruins of the former village still overlook the broad Durance valley. The new small town, well sheltered from the region’s powerful wind, the Mistral, lies more comfortably southwards, down in the good farmlands.

e-Vieux Mérindol(84) Vue 10.03.11a

g-Vieux Mérindol(84) Vue 10.03.11a

Very little remains from the castle, but the view it displays. Northwards stretches the Petit Luberon range.

i-Les Taillades(84) 10.03.11a

After a small hike, we visit Les Taillades neighbouring village, which was named after its old stone quarries.

j-Les Taillades(84) 10.03.11a

An important square excavation in the locality centre is now used as an open air theatre in summer. Its acoustics must be particular.

l-Les Taillades(84) 10.03.11a

sie-Sivergues(84) 27.10.07a

About the Waldensians or ‘Vaudois’, some other memories remain in Luberon, like this outside staircase built on an arch at Sivergues, in the style imported from their original land, Italian Piedmont…

bonno-Bonnieux Pont des Vaudois 10.08.07a

… or this small ‘Vaudois bridge’ spanning the stream Aiguebrun in Bonnieux countryside. Notice the strange sun pattern awkwardly integrated into the work after the bridge building.          Huberaime

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4 Responses to Mérindol and Les Taillades (Vaucluse) 10 March 2011

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  2. Tatiana says:

    Thanks for sharing, Hubert,. The photos are of good quality and it’s useful to read of unknown places

  3. Bonsoir. Vraiment curieux ce petit pont, qui traverse l’Aiguebrun, du côté de Bonnieux. On ne l’a jamais vu, il se situe où ? Nous connaissons le beau pont Julien, à côté de Bonnieux aussi, avec ses 3 arches, situé sur la Via Domitia, (qui daterait de l’an 3 avant J.C). L’autre doit être presque à côté ? Bonne soirée. Martine

  4. Huberaime says:

    Bonsoir Martine. Ce petit pont se trouve dans la combe de Lourmarin, entre ce village et Bonnieux. Il faut une carte de randonnée pour y aller. Il y a un autre pont similaire, moins pittoresque, facile à voir sur la route de la combe, près de Lourmarin. A bientôt. HT

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