Provençal Festival in Jonquières (Vaucluse) 2009 and 2011

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The season of the colourful traditional festivals in Provence has come again. Let me show you  pictures of Jonquières’s nice annual Provençal Day. Jonquières is a village situated between Orange and Carpentras. The first 13 photos are from the 2009 issue, the last 6 ones, from 2011.

ch-Jonquières(84) Fête provençale 17.05.09a

Recreation of a traditional scene at the village wash house.

co-Jonquières(84) Fête provençale 17.05.09a

Embroideresses, dressmakers and spinners’ nook.

cs-Jonquières(84) Fête provençale 17.05.09a

This  small Renault car from the ‘50s is called a 4 CV.

cv-Jonquières(84) Fête provençale 17.05.09a

How to make an ass of oneself, for the others’ greatest pleasure.

da-Jonquières(84) Fête provençale 17.05.09a

The traditional Provençal spinning wheel.

df-Jonquières(84) Fête provençale 17.05.09a

Never a traditional festival without folk dances.

di-Jonquières(84) Fête provençale 17.05.09a

Now, I’ll stay quiet and let the photos speak by themselves.

dn-Jonquières(84) Fête provençale 17.05.09a

dr-Jonquières(84) Fête provençale 17.05.09a

ef-Jonquières(84) Fête provençale 17.05.09a

A 2000-sheep flock is about to stream in the village.

eh-Jonquières(84) Fête provençale 17.05.09a

Here is the ‘transhumance’.

ep-Jonquières(84) Fête provençale 17.05.09a

er-Jonquières(84) Fête provençale 17.05.09a

Like dance, music is omnipresent in a Provençal festival.

gb-Jonquières(84) 15ème Journée provençale 15.05.11a

gd-Jonquières(84) 15ème Journée provençale 15.05.11a

ge-Jonquières(84) 15ème Journée provençale 15.05.11a

gh-Jonquières(84) 15ème Journée provençale 15.05.11a

gk-Jonquières(84) 15ème Journée provençale 15.05.11a

gl-Jonquières(84) 15ème Journée provençale 'Les Optimistes' 15.05.11a

The 15th Provençal festival in Jonquières (2011 issue ) ends in the evening with the Optimistes, a group presenting humorous songs. Many thanks to all the participants and organizers.          Huberaime 

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2 Responses to Provençal Festival in Jonquières (Vaucluse) 2009 and 2011

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  2. Tatiana says:

    Everything is wonderful, colourful and bright and the people taking part in this festival are worthy of respect and praise!!!

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