Frioul Islands in Marseilles 19 June 2011

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When we want to go for a stroll in Marseilles – in French, Marseille – we usually choose a sunny Sunday. Parking is free on this day, traffic generally flows freely and the inhabitants are more relaxed. The photos in this article come from three different excursions. Place your mouse arrow in any picture to read the date when it was taken.

ba-Marseille Vieux Port 26.07.09-

Early in the morning, we park near the Vieux Port (Old Harbour), the heart of the city.

am-Marseille Vieux Port 27.07.08aan-Marseille Poisson au Vieux Port 27.07.08a

At the end of the Vieux Port, the young fishmonger is much more attractive than her stuff, isn’t she?

eh-Marseille Vieux Port 26.07.09-

Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde (Our Lady of the Watch) basilica, affectionately nicknamed “la Bonne Mère” (the Good Mother), overlooks and protects the whole city.

ac-S. à Marseille Vieux Port 19.06.11a

We go on board a ship bound to Frioul Islands, located about four kilometres west from the Provençal metropolis.

eb-Marseille Le Pharo 26.07.09a

Pharo palace, at the entrance of the Vieux Port.

ec-Marseille la Major 26.07.09-

At the other side, here is la Major Cathedral.

dy-Marseille Ile d'If 26.07.09-

We go past If island and its famous castle.

ce-Marseille Port du Frioul Digue Berry 26.07.09-

After a twenty minutes’ voyage, it’s already time to disembark. The two main Frioul islands, Pomègues and Ratonneau, were linked together with the Berry dyke, built in 1822, which transformed this anchorage into a real harbour.

as-Marseille Frioul Port de Pomègues vu du Fort 19.06.11-

From Pomègues fort, you have a very nice view of the island.

be-Marseille Frioul Pomègues 19.06.11-

The bay of Marseilles and the isle of If, seen from Pomègues.

ay-Marseille Frioul Pomègues Punaises 19.06.11-

We have picnic in a small rocky inlet on Pomègues island. Wonderful views musn’t prevent you to look also at your feet. Here are two queer but pretty bugs.

bn-Marseille Frioul Pomègues Goélands 19.06.11-

bp-Marseille Frioul Pomègues Goéland 19.06.11-

Lots of sea birds dwell on these islands. They are not very shy, so you can take good pictures easily.

da-Marseille Ratonneau Calanque St.Estève 26.07.09-

Now we cross the Berry dyke. At the foot of the Ratonneau fort, a dip in St.Estève rocky inlet is a must in the afternoon heat.

cr-Marseille Ile d'If vue dep.Ratonneau 26.07.09- 

If island seen from Ratonneau.

dl-Marseille Vue dep.Ile Ratonneau 26.07.09-

This gorgeous panorama looks like a Greek landscape.

dp-Marseille Ratonneau Anc.Hôpital Caroline 26.07.09-

Yes, Greece, in Marseilles’s waters. But didn’t the Phocaeans found the city? The “temple” is the chapel of the former quarantine Caroline hospital (XIXth century).

dn-Marseille Vue dep.Ile Ratonneau 26.07.09-

Another view from Ratonneau island.

dr-Marseille Fort de Ratonneau 26.07.09-

The strange graveyard sighted from the foot of the Ratonneau fort is not a real one. It’s a fortification built by the Germans during WWII, who abandoned it unfinished when they had to retreat.

du-Marseille Lis maritime s.l'île Ratonneau 26.07.09-

You musn’t pick this rare flower called lis maritime (sea lily), which puts up with this arid rocky sunburnt setting.

ea-Marseille Archipel du Frioul 26.07.09-

See you soon once again, Frioul islands! Marseilles, you like it or you don’t. I do. Anyway, its magnificent scenery can’t leave you unmoved.                  Huberaime

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