Cherry Festival in Malemort-du-Comtat (Vaucluse) 29.06.2011

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Every year at the end of June, Malemort-du-Comtat presents a modest but authentic festival whose purpose is to promote one of the village’s best products: cherries. At this time of year, you’ll still find late varieties of our “heart-shaped ruby” there, but the red fruit season is already almost over.

bj-Malemort-du-C.(84) Fête de la Cerise 26.06.11a

A “craftsmen’s hamlet” has settled down in the village square, under the shade of the plane trees, as it was a hundred years ago. Sylvie has put up her stall near the flock of sheep and has a chat with another spinner.

ba-Malemort-du-C.(84) Fête de la Cerise 26.06.11a

Scene of life at the washing-place.

bb-Malemort-du-C.(84) Fête de la Cerise 26.06.11a

The grinder sharpens your scissors and knives while the cooks are going to prepare a delicious cherry jam.

bf-Malemort-du-C.(84) Fête de la Cerise 26.06.11a

If you feel a bit off-colour, here is the man for the situation.

bg-Malemort-du-C.(84) Fête de la Cerise 26.06.11a

The craftsmen in wrought iron are at work, while the “clergy” have a rest, on the right.

bi-Malemort-du-C.(84) Fête de la Cerise 26.06.11a

A few steps of dance with the postman.

bc-Malemort-du-C.(84) Fête de la Cerise 26.06.11a

Mme de Fontenay has made the trip to present her Misses, in the company of the personalities of the area. Everybody spent a nice day and thanks to all the participants, this event was a success once again.                           Huberaime

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2 Responses to Cherry Festival in Malemort-du-Comtat (Vaucluse) 29.06.2011

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  2. David says:

    I enjoyed your photographs of Malemort du Comtat. I went there in 1986 with a girlfriend. My first visit to the south of France. We stayed in an old farmhouse – a gite – whose walls were 2 metres thick. The farmer greeted us with a huge bowl of cherries. I remember a small open area in the village with a cafe/bar and next to it an area where the old men played boule. Do you know where that is in Malemort du Comtat? We used to go there a lot but I can’t find it on gmaps. I’d like to retrace my steps and work out where that gite was.

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